1) Effective and energy-saving
2) Green environmental protection
3) Stable and reliable
4) Space-saving & Low noise
The classical technology creates the comfortable riding experience

We apply the advanced micro-processing network control technology for GRP20 passenger lift. High performance CPU and large capacity storage space, CAN-BUS serial communication produce the extremely strong anti-interference capabilities and perfect dynamic elevator operation functions. The users can increase special functions according to the specific needs. At present, the modular; intelligent and extensive system, multi-functional serial interface, long-distance monitor technology etc. belong to the advanced control technology in the lift industry. As a professional China elevator companies working together with manufacturers, we offer various automatic elevators to our customers, including hydraulic freight elevator lift and so on. We also make a brief introduction to the dynamic elevators used in different places:

Solution Max.speed Max.load Persona
House 2.5m/s 1350kg up to 18
Hotel 6.0m/s 1600kg up to 21
Market 2.0m/s 2000kg up to 26
Office Building 4.0m/s 2000kg up to 26
Villa 1.0m/s 600kg up to 8
Hospital 2.5m/s 2000kg up to 26
Public Facilities 2.0m/s 10000kg up to 130