Standard function

Elevator operation function
The Operation Function Of House Elevator
Full collective control——Controller Winll Automatically Select The Nearest Elevator Responding Passenger’s Call.

Inspection operation——Automatically Move To The Nearest Leveling In A Slow Speed.

Sloe speed running——In normal condition The Elevator will automatically move to the nearest leveling in a slow speed.

Automatic door’ opening——The home elevator open the door automatically.

Automatic door’ opening time adjustment——Door remaining open for a short time in normal condition.

Door opening button(eternal)——Door remaining open when the door opening button was pushed on.

Door pre closing function——To make door close immediately in normal opening condition.

Door opening button(internal)——To make door open or re open when home electric elevator stops.

Full load bypass——When the home lift is fully loaded,it will travel to destination without responding to calling outside.

Load weighing device——With such system,the elevator can self learn the data to improved the start up.

Parallel control——Two elevator through the can serial communication bus to coordinate the call.

Isolate running——Operation similar to attendant service function.

Security function

The Security Function Of House Elevator
Protection of door lockup outside door area——No door opening when it is not in leveling position.

Infrared light curtain protection——Door will opening when it is blocked.

Over load protection——Our home elevator refuge to travel with buzz when it is overloaded.

Reversal running protection——When the running direction is different with destination direction ,it stops automatically.

Anti skip protection——Traveling a long time without door opening ,it will stop automatically.

Anti terminal over running protection——There are final limit switch to protect the home elevator.

Phase protection——Stop to move when the final limit switch fails to have function.

Phase protection——The elevator will stop with wrong phase or lack phase.

Contactor protection——Stop the running of when safety devices conflict.

Motor temperature protection——Protect the motor from being over heat.

Door opening failure protection——Stop running when error happens to door.

Door lock failure for brake switches——Elevator will stop at once when error suddenly happens to door lock.

Over speed protection——In case of elevator running too fast.

Contact protection for brake switches——Protect the home residential elevators when error happens to the bake.

Wheeling protection——Safety protection in rescuing.

Level switch protection——It is a safety protection in case of the trouble in leveling switch.

Main control protection——Stop the running of the home residential elevators in case of trouble.

Main control CPU WDT protection——When test the trouble of CPU,WDT make it reset.

Intelligent automation

The Intelligent Automation Of House Elevator
Error recording——Main board can record 10 errors at most.
Automatic return to home landing——In normal condition, the home elevator will return to home landing without any more calls or indications.

Door re closing——The door will try to close again when it is blocked.

Error recording——Main board can record 10 errors at most.

Hoistway self learning——Elevator can learn the data and situation automatically before using.

Automatic correction of floor position signal——Self correcting the data when the elevator reach final limit switch.

Lift locking——Lock the home elevator and turn off the power so that no one can use it.

Failure analysis of shaft self learn——When the shaft learned by itself that it doesn’t finished it correctly.

Protection for door lock short circuit——Personal home elevator refuse to move when error suddenly happens to the brake.

Discretional setup of service floor——Using the operator to setup the landing floor discretionaliy.

Clock control——It can record the time of trouble, and decide to stop at any floor.
Man-machine operation function

The Man-machine Operation Function Of House Elevator

Attendant service——The lift is close by continued pressing close buttons.

Bypass operation——The Elevator will travel directly to destination without stopping.

Interphone communication——Communication for machine room ,car top ,car cage,pit and inspection station.

False call canceling——When the passengers press the false button,it can cancel the call through the two times press.

Automatic reversal call canceling——When the running direction is different with destination direction ,it stops automatically.

Floor diplay directional setup——Directional setup of service floor.

Dot matrix floor indicator——The private home elevator indicator displayed in matrix type.

Rolling display of running direction——The running direction display in a rolling way.

Arrival gong——Sound to indicate leveling is finished.

Emergency protection function

The Emergency Protection Function Of House Elevator

CAN communication protection——Prevent the danger in case of trouble.
Emergency lighting——When the power supply is failure ,it can provide the lighting of the car.

Forced door closing——The door nudging device will force the door closing when it open too long .

CAN communication protection——Prevent the danger in case of trouble.

Emergency return in case of fire——The home elevator will return to home floor in a short time when fire emergency happens.

Alarm bell——When the anomaly occurred,passenger in the cabin can notice the outside with this device.
Energy saving function
The Energy Saving Function Of House Elevator
Direct landing——The efficiency of the some home elevator can be improved by the distance principle to deceleration.

Automatic turn off lighting and fan——Lighting and fan will cut off power automatically without any call or indication in 3 minutes.

Optional function

Operation operation function
The Operation Function House Elevator
C card management——Users can control the certain floors with this card.

Advance door opening——In process of leveling, the distance is right, and the speed of home lift is little than the regulated one,the door will open in advance.

Self re leveling——When the leveling is not accurate,it will re leveling automatically.

Sub control panel——It just like the main accurate,it will re leveling automatically.

Rear car operational panel——It control the rear opening and close.

The handicapped car operational panel——It specially designed for the handicapped people.

Group control——Through the group control to coordinate the running of many private home elevators.

The service for the rush hour of go to work——Only for group control, when the home elevator runs up from home floor with 3more instructions, and other elevator in response to instructions and calls will automatically return to home floor and open doors

The service for the rush hour of off work——Only for group control,when the elevator runs comes down from home floor with 3more instructions, another elevator in response to instructions and calls will automatically return to home floor and open doors.

Dispersed waiting——Only for group control, when the elevator stops running in a specified time, the elevator will return to the pre setting floor to shorten the call time for various floors to improve efficiency

Isolated control of front and rear door——There are two kinds: one is the rear car operational board, the other is the call box outside the rear door.

Anti nuisance operation——It can cancel the disturbance instruction.

VIP service——This home elevator design can cancel all the instruction and call until the VIP arrives the certain stop without any other stop.

Door remaining open function——Keep press the door open button to delay of door closing.

Voice display

The Voice Display Of House Elevator
Arrival chime——It can ring when the elevator is landing.
LCD indicator——It can clearly indicate the floors and other information.

Arrival forecasting light——Flashing when the elevator is leveling, to remind the passenger that it will landing.

Arrival chime——It can ring when the home elevator is landing.

Remote monitoring——It can monitoring the running situation of home elevator, including outside home elevator.

Voice announcer——Voice announcement for running situation.

Emergency function

The Optional Emergency Function Of Hotel Elevator
Uninterrupted power supply(OPS)——In normal power failure,the chargeable battery supplies the elevator power. The hotel elevator drives to the nearest landing.