My name is Franco Berkovatz and I am the owner of the website

I am here to help you with information in anyway i can on buying an elevator and therefore i will share with you briefly describe my service and what role i maybe able to help you.

I created the website “” because i knew i could help anyone looking to buy any elevator or escalator save thousands of dollars “usa dollars” yes, thousands of dollars!!

A brief background as to why i can make such a bold claim to help you save thousands of dollars on your purchase of any model elevator needed. First of all I work with Chinese, Japanese companies on a daily basis for over 15 years now….

I am an american guy living in philippines now 10 years and i am building a mini resort condominium project here in San Fernando, La Union… your welcome to visit anytime! I actually am having an elevator installed here at my property as I am writing to you today…

Why I am involved now with selling elevators is because after i contacted every Elevator Company in the Philippines for pricing it was complete non sense the pricing was not consistant and the costs were outragous in my opinion!

So, when i realized how much money i could save people and i mean like thousands of US dollars just as i did when i purchased the elevator using chinese manufacturer…

So, not only can I help you save money on the purchase of any style elevator, I can help you save money on the shipping and installion fees….

I researched in Manila over 76 shipping broker companies… yes i sent out over 70 emails… and without any doubt I found the best company that you will save again thousands of usa dollars… example: I was getting quotes over 5 and 6 thousand to import the cargo… I was able to do it for 75% less than the highest quote to include delivery to my house in San Fernando La Union. I will just give you their name and you deal direct with them!


I have two great companies that again that i found to help me install my elevator which is scheduled for feburary 18th 2019.

Either company would be a great choice!!!

All said and done i have saved over $8,000 USA dollars on my whole purchase process… I will be 100% open on everything… if you elect to use my service the manufacturer pays me a 10% commission. So say your elevator is 9,900.00 – the company pays me 990.00 dollars and the savings on the entire project if your a small business or house minimum i can save you 7 to 8 thousand as i did on just a 3/4 passenger one car elevator!! The bigger your project the bigger the savings!

So, I encourage you to please contact every elevator company in the Philippines and get their pricing… than just ask me to quote you the exact same elevator and i bet i can beat their prices by $$$Thousands$$$ of USA dollars!!

***The reason i say USA Dollars is because the Chinese and Japanese quote / sell in USA Dollars.

Thank you,

franco berkovatz
63 919 630 3333